A Game Plan Against Temptation

Brian Pickerel


Description:James 1:1-131. Trust God’s Character & Promises (13, 17) A. God is not morally responsible for this fallen world, we are. (13) B. God is Holy and can have nothing to do with sin. (17) 2. Know the progression of temptation (13, 17)3. Stay Anchored to Truth (16-18)

The Testing of Faith through Trials

Randy Shaw


Description:1. God uses trials to make us more like Jesus (verses 2-4). 2. God uses trials to lead us to Jesus in prayer (5-8). 3. God uses trials to keep our attention on Jesus (9-12).

Resurrection and Restoration: The Doctrine of Glorification

Randy Shaw


Description:Glorification means:1. Our bodies will be changed (verses 20, 23, 49). 2. All of creation will be changed (40-41). 3. All of eternity will be changed (24-25).

Eternal Security: The Doctrine of Perseverance

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Do you trust Jesus alone for your salvation? (1 John 5:15)2. Do you love others the way Jesus loves others? (1 John 3:14-15)3. Do you abide in Jesus alone? (1 John 4:13-15)4. Do you have an on-going desire and practice to obey Jesus? (1 John 3:21-24)5. Do you listen to the word of God? 1 John 4:6)6. Do you follow the Holy Spirit's leading? (1 John 4:2-4)


Randy Shaw


Description:See attached outline below for sermon notes.

We Are Being Transformed

Randy Shaw


Description:1.We have a new positon in Christ (1-3)2. We have a new purpose in Christ (4-5)3. We have a new persuasion in Christ (6-11)4. We have a new purity in Christ (12-14)

Adopted for Life

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Been rescued from slavery and received as sons (12-14)2. Been delivered from fear and devoted to the Father (15-16)3. Been saved from the immaterial and guaranteed the eternal (17)

Not Guilty: The Doctrine of Justification

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Justification comes through faith in Jesus alone (15-16)2. Justificiation conquers the damands of the law (17-19)3. Justification causes us to live differently (20)4. Justification covers us in the righteousness of Jesus (21)

Belief and Repentence: The Doctrine of Conversion

Randy Shaw


Description:1. The Spirit of God empowers our belief & repentance as we hear the Gospel 2. The Spirit of God empowers our belief & repentance as recieve the Gospel3. The Spirit of God empowers our belief & repentance as we obey the Gospel

God's Gracious Gift: The Doctrine of Crucifixion

Randy Shaw


Description:Romans 5:5-111. The wrath of God was appeased (verse 9). 2. The son of God provided atonement (6-8). 3. The Spirit of God was activated (5, 10).

Man's Greatest Problem: The Doctrine of Sin and Depravity

Randy Shaw


Description:1. We are dead in our sins (1)2. We are dominated by our sins (2-3)3. We are doomed for destruction by our sins (3, 12)4. We are delivered from the powere and penalty of our sins (4-5, 13)

What it means to be born again?

Brian Pickerel


Description:What It Means to Be Born Again2 Corinthians 5:11-211. Is a work of God (14-15, 18). 2. Brings about life change (16-19). 3. Moves us to proclaim Him (20-21).

When a Man Loves a Women

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Passionate physical intimacy only honors God in marriage (verses 1-2). 2. We should invest in our marriage through understanding and pursuit (2-3). 3. Marriage is intended to be a place for security and honor (4). 4. Marriage requires spiritually mature people (5).

The Love That Conquers Lust

Randy Shaw


Description:Relentless Love Series1 John 2:15-171. Lust cannot give you what you need. Only God can (15).2. Lust cannot give you what it promises. Only God can (16)3. Lust cannot give you what will last. Only God can (17)

Relentless Love

Randy Shaw, Chris Short, Brian Pickerel


Description:Relentless Love 1 John 4:7-121. God is the source of relentless love (7-8)2. Relentless love is best demonstrated (clearly seen) in Jesus' death on the cross (9-10)3. God's relentless love is achieved in us as we love others (11-12)

God's Will for You and Us This New Year

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Deeply connected together in fellowship & relationship (11)2. Increasing in love for all people (12)3. Established in holiness before our God (13)

Share the Gospel, Trusting God to Save Sinners

Randy Shaw


Description:Great Commission Christians have.....1. Great burden for those who have not been born again (verses 1-5). 2. Clear conviction concerning God's divine sovereignty (6-14, 19-29).3. Passionate hearts to claim God's mercy (30-33).

Share the Gospel in Obedience to Jesus

Randy Shaw


Description:1. We share the gospel in obedience to Christ's character (verses 1-4). 2. We share the gospel in obedience to Christ's Cross (6-8). 3. We share the gospel in obedience to Christ's Crowning (9-11).

Share the Gospel because It Is The Heart of Jesus

Randy Shaw


Description:1. A Story that is Worth Retelling (verses 25-29). 2. A Story of Ruin (30). 3. A Story of Religion (31-32). 4. A Story of Redemption (33-37).

Share the Gospel Because Jesus is Worthy

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Who holds all of history in his hands (verses 1-5). 2. Who has all power within his character (6-7). 3. Who deserves all honor, glory, and blessing (8-14).

The Beauty and Blessing of Covenant Community

Randy Shaw


Description:1 Samuel 23:14-18The Beauty and Blessing of Covenant Community Life groups are a natural, God-given place for covenant community to be learned, developed and shared in. Covenant community involves . . .1. availability (verse 16). 2. dependability (16b-17a). 3. vulnerability (17b). 4. responsibility (18).

Day by Day Discipline-Making

Randy Shaw


Description:Day by Day Disciple-MakingActs 2:46-471. Day by day we live in faithfulness together (verse 46a). 2. Day by day we live in community together (46b). 3. Day by day we live in Christ-centered contentment (46c). 4. Day by day we live praising God together (47a). 5. Day by day we live finding favor with people to share the gospel together (47b). 6. Day by day we live trusting God together (47c).

Groups that Please GOD

Randy Shaw


Description:Life groups that please God:1. Consistently encourage one another to grow in godliness (verses 1-3). 2. Consistently encourage one another to avoid sin (3b-8). 3. Consistently encourage one another to walk in love (9-12).

The Foundation of Our Fellowship

Randy Shaw


Description:1. Our oneness in Christ is a beautiful example of the Godhead (verses 1-3a). 2. Builds up the local body of believers (1 John 1:1-4). 3. Is the place of eternal blessing (3b).

Life Groups Matter. Here's Why

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, October 18, 2015 Sermon1 Peter 4:7-111. In life groups, we pray together (verse 7). 2. We love one another (8-9). 3. We serve one another (10-11).

My Eyes Have Seen the King

Brian Pickerel


Description:Isaiah 6:1-9 | My Eyes Have Seen the King

The Missionaries We Will Be

Randy Shaw


Description:1. We will be missionaries committed to Jesus (1-2)2. We will be missionaries with holy character (3-5)3. We will be missionaries with conviction (6-8)

Holy Ground, Holy Calling, and the Great I Am

Randy Shaw


Description:To know God and His will for our life we must...1. We must be alone with God (1,5)2. we must look to God (2-4)3. We must be broken by God (6,11)

The Splendor of Holy Worship

Randy Shaw


Description:Why worship is the chief end of man and the only fuel for evangelization of all peoples.1. Jesus deserves the praise of all peoples. (1-3)2. Jesus deserves the reverence and awe of all peoples. (4-6)3. Jesus deserves the adoration of all peoples (7-9)4. Jesus deserves the gladness and joy of all peoples. (10-13)

Preparing to Meet and Worship God

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, August 30, 2015 SermonHebrews 10:19-251. We must consider who Jesus is and what he has done (verse 19-21). 2. We must confess with confident faith our sin to Jesus (22). 3. We must cherish the gospel, trusting the faithfulness of Jesus (23). 4. We must consider how we will encourage one another to love and serve Jesus better (24). 5. We must commit ourselves to consistent worship together, which is a witness of the persevering nature that Jesus has given us (25).

Love Better

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, August 23, 2015 Sermon1 Corinthians 131. The love of God is enriching (verses 1-3). 2. The love of God is edifying (4-7). 3. The love of God is enduring (8-13).

Perfect Love: What the Love of God Does in the Believer

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, August 16, 2015 Sermon1 John 4:17-211. Confidence as we face future judgement (verses 17-18). 2. A priority of gratitude as we love others (19).3. Consistency in words and actions (20-21).

Marked with Love

Matt Stevens


Description:Sunday Morning, August 2, 2015 Sermon1 John 5:1-51. In love, we are birth marked by God; to love (verse 1). 2. God expects his children to love and obey him (2-3). 3. You are expected to "grow up" and overcome the world (4-5).

The Love of God

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, July 26, 2015 Sermon1 John 4:11-161. The love of God strengthens us through its action (verses 11-12). Application: We must love others. 2. The love of God satisfies us through his Spirit (13-14). Application: We must allow the love of God to pour out from us. 3. The love of God secures us through knowledge (15-16).

True Freedom

Brian Pickerel


Description:Sunday Morning, July 19, 2015 SermonJohn 8:31-471. There are two types of believers (verses 30-31). 2. The word of God is truth (32-33). 3. We are slaves to sin by nature (34-36). 4. Only Jesus can bring true freedom (37-47).

God's Chosen Ones: What It Means to Be Born Again

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, July 12, 2015 SermonColossians 3:1-171. We have been made alive in Christ. Follow him (verses 1-4). 2. We have been crucified with Christ. Leave sinful practice (5-11). 3. We have been chosen, set apart, and loved by Christ. Practice godliness (12-17).

Let Freedom Ring

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, July 5, 2015 SermonPsalm 33:1-221. God deserves the praise of all nations, including America (verses 1-3). 2. God declared the power of his word in the creation of all things, including America (4-9). Therefore we should obey his word!3. God demonstrates his providence, over all nations, including America (10-18). 4. God delivers his people from all places, including America (19-22).

The Wisdom and Power of God

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, June 28, 2015 Sermon1 Corinthians 1:18-31The gospel of Christ and his cross:1. Causes morally religious people to stumble (verse 23a). 2. Causes carnal, intellectual people to scorn and ridicule (23a). 3. Causes called, born again people to see the power and wisdom of God (24).Application regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage:A. We should not panic. B. Christians also should not react by lashing out in rage and anger. C. We should also continue to lovingly share what the Bible teaches on all matters, including homosexuality. D. As Christians, we must faithfully and joyfully stay the course. E. We will also continue to hold up the biblical standard of marriage. F. As Christians, we will continue to pray for our governmental leaders as God commands us (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

Our Compassionate and Heavenly Father: Things I Learned About God from My Dad

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday, June 21, 2015 SermonPsalm 103:13-191. God is our Creator and he has revealed himself to us (Col 1:15-17). 2. God is a God of wrath and he will judge sinners (Rom 1:18-23). 3. God is a God of grace and he rescues sinners (Eph 2:8). 4. God is our delight and he pursues us faithfully (Ps 34:8). 5. God is our hero that rescues sinful, helpless people like us (Heb 4:14-16).

That the Name of Jesus May Be Glorified in You

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, June 14,j 2015 Sermon

Go Your Way: Following Jesus on Mission

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, June 7, 2015 SermonLuke 10:1-121. We have confidence in Jesus and the mission he has given us (verses 1-2, 9). 2. We have confidence in Jesus and the messengers he is making us (3-8, 10-16).

Healing of a Sick Woman

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, May 31, 2015 SermonMark 5:25-341. We must accept our sinful condition (verses 25-26). 2. We must believe Jesus is our cure (27-29). 3. We must come to Jesus in confession (30-34).

A Faithful Christian Testimony

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, May 24, 2015 SermonRomans 1:16-171. Has had a life changing encounter with Jesus (verse 16a). A. Our testimony is a personal declaration (16). B. Our testimony is a passionate affirmation (16). C. Our testimony has a primary focus (16). 2. Proclaims Jesus alone has the power to save sinners (16b). 3. Believes that no one is outside God's ability to save (16c). 4. Receives the righteousness of Christ through faith (17).

Motivation to Be Faithful

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, May 17, 2015 SermonMark 4:21-341. We must believe the light of Jesus will shine bright (verses 21-25). 2. We must believe God will bless the gospel as it is shared (26-29). 3. We must believe that God's kingdom starts small and then grows (30-34).

When God Takes Our City

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, May 10, 2015 SermonActs 17:1-91. We should be prepared to proclaim the gospel (verses 1-3). 2. We should be expecting conversions and making disciples (4-5). 3. We should be faithful as opposition arises (5-9).

When God Calls Us to a Faithful Work

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, May 3, 2015 SermonNehemiah 4:1-141. Obstacles to God's will and work will come (verses 1-3; 7-8, 10-11). 2. Staying focused on the objective/vision God has given us is primary (6). 3. Our immediate response to distress or opposition is prayer (4-5). 4. Prayer is always followed by wise action (9, 12-13). 5. God will finish what he has begun in us (14).

Gospel Freedom

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, April 26, 2015 SermonGalatians 2:19-21How the gospel story becomes our story:1. We are crucified with Christ (verse 20a). 2. We live with the power of Christ at work in us (20b). 3. We live by faith in the Son of God (21c). 4. We live consciously aware if Christ's love (21d).

By Him, For Him

Randy Shaw


Description:Sunday Morning, April 19, 2015 SermonColossians 1:13-201. By him (verse 16). 2. For him (16). 3. Through him (20).